Ibiza anyone?! Adult Spring Break was unintentionally, but organically birthed on a seriously EPIC trip to Ibiza, Spain. This trip was 10 years in the making. However, we let ambition, work and life get in the way of having the college spring break we longed for many years. Ten years later we were able to make it happen by attending a festival on the island. While we had a blast and made new friends at the festival dancing the night (and day) away, there was something missing? Luxury, Food, Adventure and Culture, which are now the four pillars our trips are based upon. We took it upon ourselves to take the trip up a notch and had a once in a lifetime unique experience, which many wouldn’t have in Ibiza. We recognized that every adult at every juncture in their life needs a spring break, just not the ones experienced in college. Hence Adult Spring Break. Now that you know our story, we hope you’ll join us on this journey!

We’ve worked hard, now it’s time to PLAY!


Our Team


Co-founder/Managing Director
Tishelle has a diverse background in healthcare and is a bonafide military brat, hence where her love of traveling originates from. She’s passionate about all things Interior Design and has been an event planner & designer for 12 years. Fun Fact: She has a healthy obsession with the show Martin and Haribo Gummy bears.


Co-founder/Creative Director
Tisa has a background in federal acquisitions. She is back in the U.S. after almost three years of living and working in Japan for 16 months and Italy for 17 months. Even though she’s back in the States her sense of adventure is still alive and well! Fun Fact: She’s a trophy winning bodybuilder, bartender and cigar lover.   


Co-founder/ Managing Director
Undra has a background in marketing and acquisitions. As an Army brat, he moved around often, so sitting still was never an option. He loves all things travel, and his 18 years as an Event Planner makes anything he does effortless and seamless. Fun Fact: Any word or phrase instantly puts a song in his head and you might catch him singing it.   


Co-founder/ Technical Director
Tem has a background in technology. He loves adventure and has the goal of visiting every country on the planet. Fun Fact: He loves Mike & Ikes and Lemonheads.



ASB Gives Back!

Service and global consciousness is very important to Adult Spring Break, even while we are traveling abroad. Therefore, we will donate a percentage of our profits to a local organization that supports noble causes. If there are organizations that you'd love to share with us, please feel free to contact us at info@adultspringbreaktrip.com.